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I have been slacking on the blog and I have no excuse except for 2019 being EXTREMELY BUSY for us in the music production / songwriting world!

Moving forward, I will be updating more often but as I am writing this blog, it is pretty much "old news" if you follow me on social media.

In January 2019, I was tipped off about a site called Soundbetter where musicians, engineers, producers can offer professional services for a fee. I signed up and thought it would be nice to make some side money.

Within a few months, I had picked up quick singing jobs and paid though Soundbetter as soon as each job was completed.

In March 2019 I was contacted by a company through Soundbetter called CoPilot Music who asked me to sing on a few demos for a project they were working on.

We came to an agreement and 1 of the songs was picked up by Bethesda Softworks for the Rage 2 video game that was released May 15, 2019 (As I mentioned earlier, I am late announcing all of this)

I have learned in this business that it is all about taking chances while trying to make your own path in the music industry. Had I not took the time to give a site like Soundbetter a chance, I would have never been involved with the Rage 2 project or met the CoPilot Music crew and most importantly, I walked out of this project with a new work relationship in the world of video games and learned quite a bit while working on these songs.

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