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Joe Cafarella



Joe Cafarella has been writing music for the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (UFC) since 2003.

Credited for writing 25+ songs licensed by the UFC including theme song “FACE THE PAIN” for TV, Movies & Video Games during his time in Hard Rock / Metal act STEMM.


Outside of his tenure with the UFC, Joe has been enlisted as a freelance writer for APM Music, Sonoton Production Music, Endgame Music and The Fight Network.


Cafarella formed Seeing Red Music with a focus on songwriting, music publishing, production music and artist development services in the “New Music Industry”

Dan Nelligan

Songwriter/Session Drummer/

Touring Drummer


Danny Nelligan has played everything from Death Metal to Country Music, and everything in between as a songwriter, artist, session and touring drummer.

He played for the heavy metal band STEMM from 2003 until the band went on hiatus in 2012.


His drumming can be heard on STEMM material used on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) TV Programming, various Video Games and the major motion picture “Here Comes the Boom” starring Kevin James.

Danny is currently working with Seeing Red Music and also has music placed in music libraries under APM Music and Sonoton Production Music.

Michael Hatalak



Michael is a triple threat as a Producer / Engineer / Songwriter specializing in Hard Rock / Heavy Metal genres.


Mike also toured the world as the guitarist for Trustkill Records metal core act IT DIES TODAY since 2003.


He produced and wrote music placed on the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (UFC) television programming as well as major motion pictures JENNIFER’S BODY and THE CAVE.





All Videos

All Videos
Commander Keen — Official E3 Announce Trailer

Commander Keen — Official E3 Announce Trailer

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Pro-Line Tire & Wheel Upgrades for ARRMA and Traxxas Trucks

Pro-Line Tire & Wheel Upgrades for ARRMA and Traxxas Trucks

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Our track "Smack My Overlord" on ESPN / UFC "Outside the Lines"

APM Music * Sonoton

YouTube Video Credit:

#apmmusic #michellewaterson #UFC #sonoton #MMA #espn #SEEINGREDMUSIC #sports #extremespo

Our track "Smack My Overlord" on ESPN / UFC "Outside the Lines" APM Music * Sonoton YouTube Video Credit: #apmmusic #michellewaterson #UFC #sonoton #MMA #espn #SEEINGREDMUSIC #sports #extremespo

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If you're a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, you've undoubtedly heard the most recognized song in Mixed Martial Arts, "Face The Pain". The emphatic theme song of the UFC for over 15 years has been played countless times over on Cable Television, Pay-Per-View, Radio, and Digital Media. The band behind the song, STEMM, gained international attention from the long standing title track of the UFC, and the singer / songwriter for the band, Joe Cafarella, began independently writing for Film / TV / Video Games via Zuffa LLC,  APM Music, Sonoton Production Music, OmniCom and The Fight Network.






“We tried lots of other songs but they never worked. Stemm’s ‘Face the Pain’ was the perfect fit for our cold open. I appreciate them giving us that song to use sixteen years ago and we still use it today.”


- Dana White

UFC President


"Joe’s 'spot-on' hard rock sensibilities and amazing performances have created the unforgettable soundtracks for an entire generation of explosive global growth for our brand. His current work takes the genre to an entire new level. No one does this better."


-Mike Sak

Audio Supervisor

The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Give em Hell Endgame.png

"From a production library perspective, Joe is the type of composer I love to work with.  Aside from having killer chops, he is also fast and efficient, and a great guy on top of it all.  Working with solid musicians is always nice, but it’s so much more rewarding to work with great people.  That is a magical combination, and it makes you look forward to working with them every time."   


-Steve Ouimette


APM ENDGAME and SIREN libraries.


It was 2004, our company was on the verge of launching Fight Network, a 24-hour all Combat sports television network in Canada. Despite all the challenges, when we began looking for our “network sound” the pieces came together quickly. 


I love the music and I am proud to call Joe a friend. He’s been an instrumental piece of our growth to 15 countries and we’ll always owe him a debt of gratitude. 


Chad Midgley 

VP - Fight Network 



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