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Welcome To My World...

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Joe Cafarella is a multi-genre, singer songwriter spanning Heavy Metal / Rock Music, to Hip Hop, Country Music and Reggae.


I got my start in the Heavy Metal band, STEMM from

Niagara Falls/Buffalo, N.Y.


Our music fell into the hands of the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (UFC) and the TV exposure alone gave STEMM a global underground following and we toured the USA and various parts of Canada for over a decade as an independent act.


As a Singer / Songwriter, I am credited for writing 25+ songs licensed by the UFC including the theme song “Face the Pain”. If you're a fan of the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP, you've undoubtedly heard the most recognized song in Mixed Martial Arts. The emphatic theme song of the UFC for 20+ years has been played countless times worldwide on Television, Pay-Per-View, Radio, and Digital Media.


Outside of my tenure with the UFC, I have written for various music libraries such as APM Music, Universal Music, Sonoton Production Music, Atomica Music, The Fight Network and more with over 500 sync placements around the world!


My singing voice is on 2 Bethesda Softworks video games;

‘Rage 2’ and ‘Commander Keen Mobile Game’


I have been an independent artist my entire musical career with over 15 Million Spotify Streams


I started Seeing Red Music with a focus on songwriting, music publishing, production music, and sync placements in the “New Music Industry”

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