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Welcome To My World...

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I got my start in the Heavy Metal band, STEMM from

Niagara Falls/Buffalo, N.Y.

Our music fell into the hands of the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP (UFC) and the TV exposure alone gave STEMM a global underground following and we toured the USA and various parts of Canada for over a decade as an independent act.

As a Singer / Songwriter,I am credited for writing 25+ songs licensed by the UFC including the theme song “Face the Pain”. If you're a fan of the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP, you've undoubtedly heard the most recognized song in Mixed Martial Arts. The emphatic theme song of the UFC for 20+ years has been played countless times worldwide on Television, Pay-Per-View, Radio, and Digital Media.

Outside of my tenure with the UFC, I have written for various music libraries such as APM Music, Universal Music, Sonoton Production Music, Atomica Music, The Fight Network and more with over 500 sync placements around the world!


I was also fortunate to be asked to sing on 2 video games with Bethesda Softworks; ‘Rage 2’ and ‘Commander Keen Mobile Game’


I have been an independent artist my entire musical career.


I formed Seeing Red Music with a focus on songwriting, music publishing, production music, and sync placements in the “New Music Industry”

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