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Seeing Red Music jumps off "The Deep End" with Atomica Music Library!

2019 has been treating us good this year so far with placements on the NFL Pro Bowl, UFC, NFL, NHL, Pro Line racing and so on!

We are excited to announce a new "Hard Rock" / "Heavy Metal" / "Nu-Metal" Vocal Album out today through Atomica Music Library entitled "The Deep End"

This is a Vocal / Rock / Metal Album and we had a great time working with some very talented writers and performers to make 'The Deep End"

We are honored that Atomica chose our album as a feature on their home page (Click Here)

Take a listen and let us know what you think! If the Atomica page is not doing it for you, click here for our Soundcloud link: The Deep End or, click the image below. ENJOY!!!

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1 Comment

Thom Conde
Thom Conde
Jul 09, 2019

Awesome! Great news!!

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