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We Are Live!

We are so excited to get this started! 2018 has been a great year so far in our world or music and during our last project, we were discussing building a website dedicated to promoting our brand as songwriters.

The more we talked about it, we decided that we could start a blog and other social media involving what it takes to be an independent musician in the Modern Music Industry.

There is so much to discuss and we still do not know everything but everyday is a learning experience and we plan on using this website and blog as a platform to inform you and also discuss topics in the music world.

Every career path is as unique as a snowflake and we are excited to tell our stories!

Please sign up to our email list at and join in on our journey!

I am boarding a plane 6 hours for Los Angeles, CA to attend the PMA Music Conference which involves panels and networking to expand our horizons in the music business.

Stay tuned for some updates on my Facebook Artist page during my trip!

In the meantime, welcome to Seeing Red Music!


Joe Cafarella

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